How to be impactful for your business Part 3: Build trust

I just finished my personal development trainee. To review my understanding, I make a note about my personal development journey spread in five-part of articles. In this part, I will write about how to make an impact on your business results by building trust.

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Talking about trust means you must enhance your credibility, reliability and intimacy with others by being less self-oriented. Enhance credibility by presenting real of yourself to other people, being genuine and impressive. Reliability is about how you make others lean on you by always in their side. Intimacy is about connecting your feeling with other people.

Everyone has a different relationship style. People with internal-oriented will focus on process meanwhile, external-oriented focus on external factors outside their-self. People with task-oriented will focus on their task and work meanwhile, people-oriented will focus on the relationship with other people.

Scholar type people will focus on the task and self-development. Scholarly people usually like assignments, data and details.

People with relater type will enjoy relationships with other people. Relater people usually like to be surrounded by people who are open in building relationships, not rushed and warm.

People with promoter types have good communication skills and work with a results orientation.

People with the type of executor will work with result orientation and be demanding.

To relate with other people, you don’t have to change your attitude and you can keep being yourself. You can use delegation to try to understand people’s needs. Or you can use the lobby to get in touch with certain people.


Prioritizing the Relationship Style of stakeholders accurately is the key to building trust. By taking advantage of this you can choose the right approach to interact with stakeholders. And it will be more effective if you pay attention to the preferences of your stakeholders when trying to build trust.

Building trust depends on the right time, the right people and the right things to discuss and Delegating the right people to approach a particular role

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